Sublime Skinz “Creative Agency CDN Service”

Privacy Policy

In short:

One of the Business Models (hereafter referred to as the “Service”) of Sublime Skinz is to provide Creative Agency CDN. Sublime Skinz provides Creative studio services and Creatives hosting for Advertisers / Agencies / Trading Desks. Sublime Skinz can create and run Sublime Skinz’ Proprietary Formats, IAB Standard Formats, and custom formats for its customer.

Sublime Skinz does not collect or share personal information within the framework of this Service.

Who are we?

We are Sublime Skinz, a leading ad tech company. Our registered office address is 21, rue Pierre Picard, 75018 Paris, France. Our company number is SIRET: 803 054 048

What is “Personal Information”?

Information is regarded as personal when it tells something about a human being who is or can be (uniquely) identified.

This definition stems from European law, which applies to Sublime Skinz, and is intentionally broad in order to provide a high level of privacy protection.

This means, for example, that not just names and e-mail addresses can be personal information, but also numbers or other identifiers, such as your IP-address, to the extent that they link other information to a specific human being.

IP Addresses

The IP address that is associated with the page where our banner is displayed, and you visit will NOT be recorded or shared.

In order to prevent the unpleasant possibility that anything you ever visit online could be traced back to you via your IP-address, we do not record or share the IP address of any of our visitors.

The only exception is for “abusive and fraudulent” (automated) queries that rapidly submit more queries to our server / impression or clicks on our banners in a short time than any normal human possibly would.

Data Collection

We don't collect any personal information about our visitors.

This is a first and very important condition to safeguard your privacy. If personal information isn’t collected, it can’t be stolen, demanded, leaked or exposed.

In fact, the only information we do record is how many times our banners are displayed and are generating interactions, and, some other strictly non-personal statistics. Such statistics may include the number of times our service is accessed by a type of operating system, a type of browser, a language, etc.—or a combination thereof.

We only count the numbers and are in no way able to know what your specific operating system, browser, language settings, etc. may be, because we do not record that information.

We do detect non-personally identifiable geo-location information to optimize our services, but we definitely don't collect your precise geo-location or associate geo-location information with a particular user.


Sublime Skinz does not use tracking or identifying cookies within the framework of this Service.

Nevertheless, you can manage the use of cookies yourself. For example, you may choose to block all cookies or only accept cookies from certain websites. Please note, however, that certain features of some websites are only possible if you have accepted cookies. Accepting cookies makes browsing the Internet much easier and ensures that the websites you visit perform better. The use of cookies is generally accepted by Internet users.

By changing the settings of your internet browser, you can ensure that you are notified each time cookies are being sent, or even prevent cookies from being created or stored on the hard drive of your computer. However, Sublime Skinz cannot guarantee access to and operation of the Website if you have disabled the creation of cookies by your Internet browser.

Managing and deleting cookies is also possible via the settings of your browser:

• Apple Safari

• Google Chrome

• Internet Explorer

• Mozilla Firefox

Information Sharing

Sublime Skinz does not collect so cannot share or sell any personal information with/to any third party, within the framework of the Service.

Data Protection Officer

You can contact our data protection officer(s) at

Maître Pierre-Louis ROUYER, Avocat à la Cour, 38 avenue Hoche 75008 PARIS - France


Date of issue of this data privacy statement 25.05.2018.

We reserve the right to make amendments at any time to this data privacy statement for future effect.